The SAMBA Platform

One of the primary point-of-care systems used throughout the U.K. during the Covid-19 pandemic

Sample in – result out: a true POC solution

SAMBA II was instrumental during the Covid-19 pandemic with over 100 NHS hospitals utilising the device to deliver results where and when the patient needed. It is fully automated, performing sample preparation, extraction, amplification and detection. With SAMBA II, high-tech diagnostic and treatment monitoring assays become easy to perform and require minimal training. While-you-wait results enable test and treat facilities, and improve patient flow, therefore enhancing the way diseases are managed.

The SAMBA II system is comprised of the assay module, where the test is performed, and the tablet module, for control and results display. Each tablet module can control up to four assay modules, allowing flexibility and scalability at sites using SAMBA II.

Technical details
Certification CE Mark or UKCA Mark
IP rating IP20


  • Fully automated – from sample-in to automatically analysed and recorded results
  • Robust – works over broad operating conditions of 10°C to 38°C
  • Easy – minimal training required, requires less than 1 minute hands-on time
  • Stable – no cold storage or cold-chain transport of reagents required
  • Safe – collection buffer inactivates the virus, sealed cartridges help prevent cross-contamination, non-toxic waste disposal
  • Integrated – the SAMBA Hub allows simple connectivity into Laboratory Information Management Systems

Convenient connectivity

SAMBA II is a connected platform. The tablet module controls the assay module and receives all results via Bluetooth. The tablet module can send results to the Bluetooth printer, Laboratory Information Management System via the SAMBA Hub, or as an SMS. Test results can also be downloaded directly from the tablet via USB. With SAMBA II, test results can be sent to those that need them.

Smart handling

Safe and easy to use – the uniquely shaped ready-to-use cartridges are easy to load and include all consumables. The visual results are automatically analysed by the integrated camera to ensure consistent and accurate interpretation, with results presented and stored on the connected tablet.