• Semi-automated – high-tech assays at high-throughput with training included
  • Stable – no cold storage or cold-chain transport of reagents required
  • Robust – works over broad operating conditions of 15°C to 35°C
  • Easy – minimal training required, reagents in ready-to-use cartridges, rapid and reliable detection with lateral flow strip
  • Safe – sealed cartridges help to prevent cross-contamination, non-toxic waste disposal
  • Reliable – requires electricity; however, in case of power outage, test can run off UPS
Technical details
Certification CE Mark
Operating Conditions 15-35°C; relative humidity of up to 80%
IP rating IP20

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Semi-automated near-patient testing

Robust and high-throughput, SAMBA I is ideal for district or regional hospitals looking for a simple and accurate system for the diagnosis of infectious disease and treatment monitoring. The SAMBA I platform enables the semi-automated extraction, amplification and detection of pathogen nucleic acid.

SAMBA I is comprised of two instruments: SAMBAprep, which conducts the sample extraction, and SAMBAamp, which conducts the amplification and detection of target nucleic acids. Each SAMBAprep instrument can run up to six samples at a time, and each SAMBAamp instrument can amplify and detect up to four extracts. This enables flexible, high-throughput of up to 72 samples per day depending on instrument configuration.

Detection – simplified and reliable

Easy to use - the prefilled ready-to use cartridges are easy to load and include all consumables. Samples are loaded into SAMBAprep for extraction and then kept chilled before amplification and detection with SAMBAamp. Detection is simple; assay results are read as lines on the lateral flow strip, as easy as reading a pregnancy test.

“They are a very big game changer: these SAMBA machines.”

Patrick Mavhura, Principal Medical Lab Scientist, Mt Darwin Hospital, Zimbabwe

Disclaimer: All photos that appear on this website are minimized and not the actual dimensions. The SAMBAprep instrument shown on this page is the improved version of the CE-marked unit and is in the process of CE marking.