True POC diagnostics for infectious diseases

Test-and-treat on-site is realised.  DRW’s SAMBA (Simple AMplification Based Assay) system is an innovative high-tech nucleic acid-based test for the diagnosis of infectious diseases. With while-you-wait results, SAMBA enables test and treat clinics to make prompt and effective clinical decisions.

SAMBA is delivered through two systems: SAMBA I and SAMBA II. SAMBA I is a high-throughput semi-automated system, ideal for district or regional hospitals. SAMBA II is a fully automated system for diagnosis and treatment monitoring at the point of care. SAMBA I and SAMBA II use the same proven chemistry for accurate and fast qualitative or semi-quantitative detection of infectious agents with no toxic waste. The SAMBA platforms offer the widest operating temperature range available, allowing fast and accurate diagnosis and treatment monitoring at, or near, the point of care. They are manufactured to exacting standards, making them the reliable option even in remote clinics in resource-limited settings.

Jesse Lehga, Director Business Development & Site Manager, DRW US

  • Storage and operating conditions ready for the real world – no need for cold-chain transport or storage
  • Patented technology frees us from the toxic by-products generated by many nucleic acid based assays
  • Binary output simplifies clinical decision making
  • Instrument installation and initial staff training included in purchase

SAMBA I: Near patient POC – high throughput processing

  • Automated sample extraction
  • High throughput
  • Up to 72 samples per day based on instrument configuration
  • Ideal for district and regional hospitals

SAMBA II: Rapid POC – Sample-in / Result-out

  • Fully automated sample extraction, amplification and detection
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible throughput
  • Convenient connectivity

“We knew what we wanted to do couldn’t be done in industry …”

... so we left rather successful careers and came to Cambridge University in order to bring high-tech to resource limited settings at the end of a dirt road.

Dr. Helen Lee, Chairman and CEO, DRW