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Helen Lee received her PhD from Cornell University and her MSc from Oxford University. After post-doctoral training at Churchill Hospital in Oxford, the University of Geneva and St Louis Hospital in Paris, she began her career in diagnostics at the Centre National de Transfusion Sanguine in Paris where she was responsible for developing the first widely used monoclonal blood typing reagents in France. Another major accomplishment of her group was to develop one of the first monoclonal antibody based assays for Hepatitis B surface antigen, which was subsequently licensed to the Pasteur Institute as the MONLISA HBsAg assay.  It is still on the market today.


She then joined Abbott Laboratories and became the General Manager of the Probe Diagnostics Business Unit, responsible for the development of instruments, chemistry, marketing, quality and regulatory approval of the product line. After leaving Abbott she founded a biotech company, Sentinel Biosciences Inc. in Palo Alto, CA, developing technologies for virus discovery. The company was successfully sold to one of the largest pharmaceutical companies. In 1996, she left industry for the University of Cambridge and established the Diagnostics Development Unit (DDU) in order to focus on technologies and diagnostic assays for resource-limited settings. The Unit has filed 12 families of patent applications, with 20 granted or allowed national patents on inventions that improve the performance of rapid diagnostic tests. To commercialise the 

technologies, she founded the spin off company, Diagnostics for the Real World Ltd (DRW), in 2002. She was also chair of the Diagnostic Steering Committee of the World Health Organization (WHO).




Dr Lee chaired the Diagnostic Steering Committee Dr Lee  is the recipient of the 2005 Lord Lloyd Kilgerran Award, the 2006 British Female Inventor in Industry Award, the 2006 European Women of Achievement Award and the 2007 Asian Women of Achievement Award. The products and technologies developed by her Unit received the Medical Futures Innovation Award (UK) and the 2007 Tech Museum Innovation Award in the Health Category.



Sir John is the John Humphrey Plummer Professor Emeritus of Cell Biology, Cambridge University, UK. a Fellow of the Royal Society and recipient of the  Royal and Copley Medals of the Royal Society NOBEL PRIZE in 2013 for his pioneering research in nuclear transplantation and cloning.  A former Governor of the Wellcome Trust and former Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge, he is Chairman of the Wellcome Trust Institute of Cancer and Developmental Biology. Sir John is the recipient of numerous honorary degrees and international awards.


Guido has over 30 years of sales & marketing and executive management experience at several of the largest multinational Fortune 500 Health Care companies. His previous positions include European Manager of Sales and Marketing at Abbott Laboratories, Corporate Vice President of Commercial Operations of Murex and Vice President and Managing Director of Remel Europe, where he was responsible for building a 55,000 sq ft administration and microbiology reagents manufacturing facility .  He ran the operations and commercial activities of the group.


Benjamin has extensive experience as an R&D executive with several biotech and multinational pharmaceutical companies.  He has been responsible for building talented scientific teams and has played a key role in the IPO of the first biotech start-up that he joined.  His wide experience includes: assessing technology, transfering discovery into clinic, raising venture investment and establishing strategic partnerships between companies: biotech/biotech and biotech/pharma. His recent merchant bank activities have reached beyond North America to Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.


Founder and CEO of Cell Medica, a UK based cellular immunotherapy company focused on infectious disease and cancer Gregg has more than twenty years experience as an investment banker in both New York and London,.  In the course of his career, Gregg has specialized in mergers & acquisitions and in managing global business units for UBS Warburg and Deutsche Bank. He has an undergraduate degree in biochemistry from Harvard, an MBA from the University of Chicago and an MSc immunology from Imperial College.



David has worked in senior management positions in R&D at SK&F for more than 20 years and is the sole named inventor on a key patent for a drug used to treat Parkinson's disease.  In 1990, he joined the Medical Research Council to lead the MRC interface with industry. He "retired" as CEO, MRC Technology in December 2001. He has served on government committees in the UK, Finland, Canada and the USA and a UN-led visit to India. He has extensive experience in new technology-driven companies.  As one of the "working retired", he currently holds non-executive positions in technology transfer organisations and in bioscience companies and as an advisor to venture capital investors and to the Welsh Government Drug Discovery Network. In 2001, he was appointed OBE for services to medical research and technology transfer.