Modern Slavery Statement

Modern Anti-Slavery Statement (March 2023)


DRW is committed to preventing modern slavery in all its forms, including human trafficking, unfair working conditions and exploitation. This commitment extends across our businesses, supply chain and customers. At DRW, we believe firmly that the balance between doing well and doing good involves acting ethically and with integrity across all our practices.

This statement is published in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. It sets out the steps taken by DRW to prevent modern slavery.

“DRW” refers to:

  • Diagnostics for the Real World (Europe) Ltd
    Suite 12, The Science Village, Chesterford Research Park, CB10 1XL, UK
  • Diagnostics for the Real World Ltd
    Suite 150, 845 Embedded Way, San Jose, CA 95138 USA

Our commitment

Modern slavery takes various forms, including slavery, servitude, compulsory labour, human trafficking, migrant exploitation and wage exploitation. It is a crime and a violation of fundamental human rights. DRW has a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery. We maintain our commitment to preventing modern slavery through the following four business practices:

  1. Acting ethically throughout our business dealings, relationships and practices.
  2. Effective systems and controls in place to ensure modern slavery does not take place in the business, in our customers or across our supply chain.
  3. Proactive approach to preventing exploitation, including a culture of openness and support for those raising breaches of this policy, as opposed to a passive approach.
  4. Constant review and improvement of policies, systems, suppliers, customers, and practices.

Supply chain and organisation

Diagnostics for the Real World is a leading organisation in the design and manufacture of medical diagnostic devices. We primarily do this through our SAMBA II platform, which assays clinical samples in a point of care setting. Our mission is to provide innovative, high performance, easy to use diagnostics under “real world” conditions to support clinical services for people in real need.

Our sales business is primarily carried out in the UK. We have two sites in the UK and one in the United States. Our suppliers are primarily UK and US based, with additional resources being supplied by countries in Western Europe and Singapore. This statement applies to all employees, consultants, contractors, seconded workers, interns and business partners across our supply chain.

Due to our supply chain being selected from countries with strong anti-slavery legislation and enforcement, we consider our risk of modern slavery to be low.


You must ensure that you understand and follow this policy. Preventing modern slavery anywhere in our business is the responsibility of all of those working for or with us. If you suspect a breach of this policy, report it immediately to a relevant authority.

DRW encourages proactivity in prevention of modern slavery and will support anyone who raises genuine concerns that this policy has been breached. No detrimental treatment, including prevention of progression, shall be applied to anyone who reports a potential breach of this policy, regardless of the veracity of the report. If you do not feel comfortable raising the issue with your immediate circle of peers, you are encouraged to look outside it for another figure within the business, who will deal with your raised concern.

Breaches of this policy

Any employee of DRW or organisation working with DRW will face unlimited disciplinary action including potential termination of engagement with DRW.

Dr Helen Lee, CEO & Chairman, 8th March 2023